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Our Capabilities

A complete follow-up is carried out on all of our customers’ orders. The delivery times are serious and fast. Ferma 1 Co holds a specific and individual license to import into Thailand. A team of transporters located in Bangkok ensures that all orders are checked from the factory, until the arrival of the products at the premises of Ferma 1 Co in Koh Samui. Strict quality control ensures perfect service.

Our core values

All employees working at Ferma 1 Co are professionals with an experience of at least 10 years. Discover our new products in preview on our website. Finally, the ultimate goal of Ferma 1 Co is to provide quality service and unbeatable prices to its customers. After-sales service is carried out in a serious manner and customers are accompanied from start to finish on our selection of innovative products. Choosing Ferma 1 Co means deciding to respect the environment, save money and have 100% guaranteed quality monitoring.

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