Ferma 1 Co., Ltd

Ferma 1 Co., Ltd

Ground lights

FERMA 1 CO., LTD has an extensive selection of ground lights customizable and adapted to your tastes.


During the day these lights completely blend into their surroundings, but in the evening they will surprise you with the special effect they create.

Discreet and elegant, they will fit perfectly with your design and your envies. We can help you to create a playful path of stars using mini ground lights or illuminate a large tree with a sturdy fixture. And did you know we have even fixtures you can drive over for in your driveway?
The possibilities are endless!



From 2 to 5 years. By following the standards of the manufacturers. Our manufacturers can also travel to configure your products or establish an after sale service.

Product Certification

A Manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin, also known as a Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin, is a specified document certifying the country.


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